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BIC, Official Supplier of the Tour de France 2015
In 2015, the BIC® Publicity Caravan will follow the Tour de France from July 4th until the 26th. Traveling across more than 3,340 km of Dutch, Belgian and French roads, BIC will surprise spectators with a school bus or even services such as a Barber Shop for a quick haircut.   ▌Supplier of a world sporting event BIC has been an Official Supplier for the Tour de France since 2014, a logical evolution for a historic partner of this cycling competition, now the world 3rd sporting event. Every morning, just before starting the race, each rider will sign in on a giant tablet using the Tour’s official BIC® Cristal® Stylus and BIC® 4 Colours™ Stylus pens all equipped with a soft pad for touchscreen.    ▌BIC® in the caravan, over 3,344 kilometers and across 3 countries  This year, BIC is more than ever willing to show all 12 million spectators a friendly, simple and open minded spirit in order to raise a smile each time they cross the BIC® Caravan’s path during the Tour.Four cars along with an animated truck customized with the colors of the brand will showcase all BIC® products and offer 400,000 goodies along the way.Games, prizes and animations will be handed out in the Schoolbus BIC® area, at the beginning and the end of each stage.Every day, hundreds of official pens will be distributed to spectators in the Starting Village, especially around the Podium where riders sign in. An authentic barber shop located at the Starting Village will offer a quick Tour-style haircut! Let Hervé Boibessot take care of your look, as well as being a former amateur cyclist, GQ has named him among the 10 best barbers in France.       The BIC® caravan: history on wheels… BIC is a historical partner of the Tour de France. First in 1952, 1953, 1955, then in 1967 and in 1996 BIC has traveled the roads of France at the heart of the Publicity Caravan. Between 1967 and 1974, BIC was also involved in the race with its own team of professional road cyclists, among them, the winner of the 1973 edition, Luis Ocaña. BIC returned to the Publicity Caravan in 2011, in 2012 and 2013 as Official Supporter and in 2014 as Official Supplier.     Contacts  BIC  +33 1 45 19 51 51 Albane de La Tour d’Artaise Press, IMAGE 7 : +33 1 53 70 74 21 Véronique Charret-Girard  ...