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"INSPIRATION" Pharrell Williams' "Social Book" in association...

October 2014 - As the celebrity guest of the 3rd Tipp-Ex® digital campaign, Pharrell Williams reveals his story in "Inspiration", 1st participatory book that has finally hit the shelves


▌ "Inspiration", now in its completed version leaves the press

Publication of Pharrell Williams' book, the first in a participatory format and already translated into 5 other languages, announces an end to the third Tipp-Ex® viral campaign coordinated by Buzzman.

For this new season of the campaign, Tipp-Ex® and Buzzman had asked Pharrell Williams to write a book about his life and his sources of inspiration. But a few hours before the book's release, in a bout of panic when facing fanatical readers trying to get their hands on an early copy, the cultish Bear, a figure from previous Tipp-Ex® campaigns, thought it wise to protect the book's contents by running the Tipp-Ex® correction tape over some of the sentences.

The Hunter and the Bear, a wacky duo already featured in the first two Tipp-Ex® campaigns, had asked Internet audiences for help in finding the book's original content. Those having identified the greatest number of words have had the good fortune of seeing their name credited as author, alongside the name of Pharrell Williams.


▌ The book is already a smash hit

This interactive book, completed by input from thousands of Web users is now for sale on Amazon.All profits earned from book sales will be donated to Pharrell Williams' association, "From One Hand To AnOTHER" (, which assists underprivileged children throughout the world.


▌ Campaigns with a cult following

Launched in 2010 by the Buzzman ad agency, the Tipp-Ex® campaigns casting the hilarious duo of the Bear and the Hunter has made a huge splash with the public, recording over 70 million views.









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Launching of that offers colouring and...

BIC® Kids is launching — a new website that offers a variety of colouring as well as handwriting activities


In this age of computers and tablets, enjoying fun creative activities while learning to write remain key steps in a child’s development. In order to best meet this major challenge, BIC® Kids is launching, a new website that offers quality content structured around colouring and learning to write.


A fun and practical tool that consists of three dedicated spaces 


=> For children

Learn while having fun: this is the challenge undertaken by BIC® Kids with the creation of this new online space. In fact, the site provides children with a number of quality, imagination stimulating activities such as colouring, mask making, cut-outs, folding and even activity books— all of which are based on varied and creative universes with super heroes, dinosaurs, and fairy tales.


=> For parents

Customise activities: as a privileged partner of parents, it is also for them that BIC® Kids designed this innovative website. Parents can register online and create custom activity books that also allow them to monitor the progress their children have made. 


=> For teachers

Guidance and support for teachers: this new tool is also intended for teachers who can find tips on learning to write as well as specific exercises. Because it is difficult to correct bad writing habits, it is essential that children adopt good habits from the start.


The website is available in a dozen European languages.


▌ The new website automatically adapts to the format of the tablet or smartphone being used (responsive web) and offers a dedicated application for children.


BIC® Kids Play and Colour, colouring application for mobile phones and tablets


BIC® Kids is launching BIC® Kids Play and Colour, available on Google Play and the App store. With this application, children can colour and learn while having fun. In fact, you will actually have access to all of the same colouring activities as on the website, completely free of charge and with no bothersome advertising—your children will be able to learn and practice their handwriting skills.




Contact Communication, BIC: +33 1 45 19 53 55 - Claire Gerard –             

Contacts Presse, IMAGE 7: +33 1 53 70 74 70 - Célynda Sicard -


2014 marks the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Marcel Bich and the twentieth anniversary of his passing away. Entrepreneur and visionary, Marcel Bich has left a strong mark on the French industry.


Originally from Val d'Aoste, Marcel Bich was born in Turin (Italy) on July 29, 1914, where he spent his early child-hood before moving to Spain and then to France with his parents. He became a French citizen in 1932 and pursued his studies in law.


In 1944, Marcel Bich and his associate Edouard Buffard settled in Clichy (France) and began to manufacture parts for writing instruments in their factory PPA (Porte-plume, Porte-mines et Accessoires).


In 1950, his visionary spirit led him to become interested in the ball point pen, for which he foresaw enormous potential. Marcel Bich acquired a patent from the Hungarian Laszlo Biro for the ball point pen and did everything to find the ideal ink formula and the perfect fitting between ball and ink, using machines of extreme precision from Swiss clock making. He put all his efforts into this product and launched his own ballpoint pen, the BIC® Cristal® pen, based on his unassailable philosophy of offering the consumer superior quality at the best price. In 1953, the BIC Company is created.To market the BIC® Cristal® ballpoint pen, Marcel Bich used a strategy based on audacious and massive advertising campaigns, like the ones created by Raymond Savignac, that contributed to strong sales, first in France, then internationally:  in Italy in 1954, in Brazil starting in 1956, in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Oceania in 1957, then in the United States as of 1958, in Africa and the Middle East in the 60's.


In 1973, Marcel Bich decided to diversify his activities and launched the BIC® lighter, then revolutionized the shaver market by designing and marketing the first non-refillable shaver. After listing BIC on the Paris Stock Exchange in November 1972, he continued to explore very diverse areas of business, such as wind-surfing by creating BIC Sport. His passion for sailing and sailboat racing led him to compete - for France and for his personal ambition - in the Americas Cup challenge.


Marcel Bich built his company on strong values which guided his professional life and still inspire employees of the group today: ethics, responsibility, teamwork, simplicity, trust in people, but also ingenuity and tenacity.


Today, 20 years after his passing away, the BIC Group is present in more than 160 countries around the world with worldwide leading positions in its categories: number two in writing instruments, number one in branded pocket lighters, number two in non-refillable shavers and number two in advertising and promotional products.


Listen to Marcel Bich reading to Shareholders, on June the 4th, 1973, his Letter in which he expressed his vision for the company (French audio) in About BIC/History.

BIC® on the Publicity Caravan and Official Supplier...

From 5th to 27th July 2014, BIC® is part of the Publicity Caravan and Official Supplier of the Tour and will set out to meet the spectators and the fans on the roads of France and England.



▌Supplier of a world sporting event

BIC is an historical partner of this cycling race which has become the 3rd world sporting event, and is now happy to be Official Supplier of the 2014 edition. Every morning before the race starts, the riders will sign in with the BIC® 4 Colours™ pen, the official pen of the Tour. 


▌BIC on the caravan for 3,664 km and in 4 countries

This year, the Tour de France will kick off from Leeds in the Yorkshire (UK) and go through Belgium and Spain. Throughout the 3,664 kilometer-race, more than 12 million spectators will see the BIC® Caravan passing by and make the most of the brand at each stage:

- Three cars and a flatbed truck with a sound system, customized with the colors of the brand, will be presenting BIC® products and distributing 400,000 goodies all along the course.

- Events with the BIC® mascot will be carried out at the start and finish of each stage.

- Every day, hundreds of official pens will be distributed to spectators in the Starting Village, especially around the Podium where riders sign in. 



The BIC® caravan: history on wheels…

 BIC is an historical partner of the Tour de France. In 1952, 1953, 1955, in 1967 and in 1996 BIC has traveled the roads of France at the heart of the Publicity Caravan. Between 1967 and 1974, BIC was also involved in the race with its own team of professional road cyclists, among them, the winner of the 1973 edition. BIC returned to the Publicity Caravan in 2011, in 2012 and 2013 as Official Supporter and in 2014 as Official Supplier. 




BIC Communication: +33 1 45 19 53 55, Claire Gerard –


Press contact, IMAGE 7: +33 1 53 70 74 70, Marie Quinette –

A Hunter, a bear, and Pharrell Williams. The hunter...

The hunter and the bear, heroes of one of the most acclaimed digital campaigns of the last decade are back with another friend, the amazing Pharrell Williams. Get ready for an exhilarating adventure...


This year, Tipp-Ex®, N°1 correction brand in Europe,Bic® and Pharrell Williams go together to make history by creating the first participatory book instantly translated into 5 languages. A real technological feat imagined by Buzzman agency for a world first!


The idea: Tipp-Ex® and Buzzman asked Pharrell to write a book about his personal life and the source of his inspiration. A few hours before the book launch, struck by panic due to fierce readers seeking to steal the book, the bear decided to cover the whole book with Tipp-Ex® Mini Pocket Mouse to protect its contents.


With this blunder starts a new Tipp-Ex® adventure ... To participate, you will have to enter the cabin of the hunter and the bear and help find the thousands of words, which have been covered in the book.


Obviously, the hunter, the bear and even Pharrell will be there at every moment with hints to help you complete the book. The more words you find, the closer your name will be in the credits alongside Pharrell Williams.


Once completed by users, the “Social Book” will be printed and published.Profits will be donated to an organization supporting disadvantaged children as they attempt to, hopefully, rewrite their lives.


Discover the experience: