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BIC recycles its shavers… and its advertising

In order to promote its shaver recycling program, BIC is launching a new advertising campaign in France, with the advertising agency Hemisphere droit. The campaign features the soccer player Eric Cantona and “recycles” his famous commercial of 1995.


BIC’s commitment to sustainable development

BIC® products have always been designed to offer long-lasting performance while using the minimum amount of raw materials. For example, a BIC® Cristal ballpoint pen writes for more than 2km and only weighs 5.8g and a triple-blade BIC® 3 shaver provides at least 10 days of shaving for a weight of only 9g. However the Group has not settled for these achievements and continues to think of ways to participate in the reduction of environmental impacts, in line with its values of responsibility, innovation and ingenuity.  In this context, the Group created the program “BIC® recycle” in France, a simple way of helping its consumers to collect and recycle their BIC® shavers.


The “BIC® Recycle” program

The process is simple: consumers buy their BIC® shavers, use them, order a prepaid recycling envelope on the dedicated website and send ten used shavers per envelope back to BIC for free. The shavers are then recycled and turned into washing machine parts.


Speaking about the program, Marie Saglio, BIC France’s General Manager, stated: “With more than 30% market share (1), BIC is the market leader for one-piece shavers in France. With this program, we want to offer a simple and innovative recycling solution to the millions of consumers who, on a daily basis, put their trust in the excellent value for money offered by our single-, double-, triple- and quadruple-blade shavers.” 


The advertising campaign

In order to promote the program “BIC® Recycle”, Hemisphere droit naturally suggested that BIC should recycle the 1995 campaign in which Eric Cantona made his advertising debut. The agency created a script whereby the Eric Cantona of 1995 is confronted by the Eric Cantona of 2010. A real showdown where we see that the once irredeemable Eric Cantona has become responsible!


The films, directed by Frank Tapiro (who created the BIC 1995 campaign at Euro RSCG), are in the true spirit of the BIC® brand: simple, popular and off-beat.


To launch the campaign, a 5’’ teaser film will be shown on TV from October 13-16, 2010. It will be followed from October 17 through November 7, by a 20’’ TV commercial shown on TF1, Canal + and cable / satellite channels.


As of October 13, the website, also designed by Hemisphere droit, will give Internet users the chance to rediscover the 1995 and 1996 films as well as the 30’’ version of the 2010 TV commercial. As a bonus, they can also watch again and again the hilarious instructions from Eric Cantona, who explains in his own way each step of the “BIC® Recycle” program, from the collection of the shavers to their recycling.


Finally, two more teaser films will be shown on the web to create a buzz around this campaign which will give Internet users the opportunity to “recycle” their friends on Facebook!


All in all, this will be a rich, innovative and high-impact campaign to launch this important program.


Frank Tapiro, president of Hemisphere droit, speaking about the production, explained:  “The producer (On Broadway prod) totally corresponds to the will for “sustainable” film production which is today very fashionable in cinema, particularly in the United States. The goal being to reuse existing images as much as possible and to reedit films with a few new images.”

(1)Source: Nielsen. Volume Market Share. France/ non-refillable shaver market


BIC creates the recyclable shaver

As of April 2010, BIC® shaver users will be able to recycle their shavers by sending them back to BIC!


The process is simple: consumers buy their BIC® shavers, use them, order a prepaid envelope on a dedicated website and send their used shavers back to BIC for free. The BIC Group will have them recycled and turned into washing machine parts! A real commitment to responsible consumption.



Speaking about the operation, Marie Saglio, BIC France’s General Director, stated “BIC has always promoted long-lasting products- about 10 shaving days per shaver- and the use of a minimum amount of raw materials for both products and packaging. With this recycling operation launched in France, BIC goes further and confirms its will to commit to innovative environmental solutions”.


A precursor in the area, the Group, which manufactures all its shavers in its own plants located in France, Greece and Brazil, implemented in 2004 a sustainable development program in order to reduce its environmental impacts and strengthen its social commitment through quantified objectives. In 2009, BIC also launched the 3-Blade shaver BIC® EcolutionsTM, the first shaver made from bioplastic, a form of plastic derived from renewable biomass sources.


Beyond the environmental perspective, this recycling initiative offered by BIC will take an economic and social dimension through the mobilization of reinsertion centers for disabled workers as well as a small French company specialized in recycling.

Shaver collection and recycling will start in France in April 2010.


The launch of the operation will be accompanied by in-store communication and relayed on a dedicated website in order to raise public awareness on the collection and recycling.