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Results of the Art Contest “Cristal® Art Gallery”...

31 May 2011--Two winners have each won a prize of 5 000 Euros following the “Cristal Art Gallery” contest, hosted by, a website dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of the BIC® Cristal® pen in Europe. 


=> The Jury’s Prize was awarded to Jean-Baptiste Durand, also known as Neguts for his work of art drawn on a wall and named “Wall drawing”. The empty pens at the foot of the wall give an idea of the size of the drawing!

The jury, composed of three artists who use the BIC® Cristal® pen in their work, gathered on Friday 21 May to deliberate and choose a winner among the 730 works of art posted online by visitors to the site. “Among the numerous works of art posted, many of which revealed great talent and showed sophisticated drawing techniques, we chose the work of art “Wall Drawing”. This piece showed an original artistic approach through the presentation of the work and the artist’s mastery of his subject. We would like to congratulate the artist by giving him the Jury’s Prize,” commented the judges.


=> The Internet Users’ Prize was awarded to Managua. His work of art “BIC story” illustrates the history of the BIC® brand, from the first advertising to the latest product releases.


The “Cristal® Art Gallery contest was hosted online from 14 April to 17 May 2011, allowing Internet users to post a drawing, video or sculpture using BIC® Cristal® pens.




The artists on the Jury:

Anne-Flore Cabanis, a French artist who has produced works of art using a BIC® Cristal® pen and in one continuous line.

Juan Francisco Casas Ruiz, a Spanish artist known for his realistic photographic drawings using a BIC® Cristal® pen.

Paolo Ulian, an Italian designer who has produced sculptures using BIC® Cristal® pens.



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With the new BIC® Flex 3 shaver, YouTube becomes a...

For the launch of its new male shaver BIC® Flex 3, BIC and the agency BUZZMAN are innovating again a viral campaign on YouTube. The BIC® Flex Experience includes a film that transforms into a video game with movement detectors.


The story begins on the website with an offbeat 90 second film entitled “WTF! Insane human curling,” directed by the American, Keith Schofield, previously honored with the Lion at the Cannes advertising international festival. Freshly shaved with a BIC® Flex 3, a champion of the totally crazy sport human curling glides on his stomach to reach a target marked on the ice.


At the end of the film, YouTube becomes an interface for the new generation of video games: your webcam will detect your body’s movements allowing you to become a human curling sweeper. The best performing players can win a stay in an Ice Hotel in Sweden.


The campaign is extended on Facebook with a dedicated page that will have an editorial animation in four languages. It further offers all French fans the possibility of downloading BIC® Flex 3 reduction coupons.


Speaking about the campaign, Alexis Vaganay, Marketing Director BIC Europe, added, “This campaign illustrates in a funny and irreverent way the “surprisingly smooth glide” offered by BIC® Flex 3 – a 3 blades shaver with moveable blades, a technology that BIC is making available to everyone.”


Launched on 11 April 2011 in France, the campaign will be extended to the rest of Europe at the beginning of May with significant media investment on YouTube and Google.


Following the success of “A hunter shoots a bear” in 2010 for the Tipp-Ex® brand, this new campaign is the second collaboration between the BIC Group and the agency BUZZMAN.


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