Designed for maximum use for minimal footprint on the environment


All BIC® products are designed with the environment in mind. Outside design firms have conducted product life cycle studies which showed that the environmental impact of a product is mainly due to its raw material use. BIC’s research and development projects now the include the use of an ecodesign tool helping to reduce the environmental impact - the amount of material used.

  • BIC uses an ecodesign tool that enables to measuring environmental impacts as far back as the product design phase.
  • What is a "life cycle" approach? It evaluates all the impacts of the product in each successive phase in its life.
  • BIC focuses on its packaging: many writing instruments are grouped together in boxes of 50...Most BIC® lighters are sold with no consumer packaging... And the shavers are generally sold in packs of 10!
  • Furthermore, BIC partners with customers in a program to reduce packaging in weight and volume
  • BIC puts labels on packaging for its writing range that list the environmental benefits of products. This helps to guide consumers and customers who want to preserve the environment!
  • BIC also manufactures products using more than 50% recycled materials, like the BIC® Ecolutions™ stationery range!
  • BIC has begun researching other raw materials, not based on petroleum. One example is the BIC® Ecolutions™ shaver, with a bioplastic handle made of corn!
  • BIC® products can last even longer, thanks to refill systems!
  • 1 handle and 6 refills sold in the same pack allow for at least 60 days of shaving like the BIC® Easy shaver.
  • BIC Sport dinghy, O’pen BIC, has been awarded the Étoile du Design for its innovative and eco-conceived design: lightweight in materials and recyclable at the end of its life.
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